My name is Ken Steinhauer and I am a big game Outfitter in in Alberta Canada. Over the many years I have fished for big game fish in almost all the holiday resorts in Mexico and Cabo San Lucas is the best by far. Not only are the number of fish greater than anywhere else, the distance you have to travel to get to the good fishing grounds is much less the most places.

Rafael, the owner, says that because they are between the sea of Cortez and the pacific ocean, two currents meet here and that is the reason for the great fishing. All this means very little to a stubble jumper from Alberta, all I know is when I go fishing with Mucho loco I catch fish. You should be aware that at different times of the year there are different kinds of fish available, but there is always something out there to catch.

Like I tell people that come up here "you would not go the Alaska to hunt Alligators". These guys can get you almost all the big game species of fish but you do need to check with Rafael before coming if you are looking for a specific species of fish. There is no such thing as " the fish are not biting", Rafael’s crews will take you to the shoals and banks that the fish feed on and all the fish are biting. I have see these guys spot a striped Marlin break the surface at 200 yards and the chase is on. The trick is to get the boat alongside the fish and throw the bait in front of the of the fish all this while going full speed.

This whole procedure is a cross between the Indy 500 and a rodeo. When this happens the crew gets almost as pumped if not more than the fisherman. Without a doubt the crew wants you to catch fish and give all they have to make it happen. Cabo San Lucas is the place to fish and Rafael’s Mucho Loco fleet is the people to go with. The reason the many people keep coming back to fish with Mucho Loco is simple, the service is the best and the bottom line is that you will catch fish.

- Ken Steinhauer (Alberta native Guide Services)


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